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CCTV Inspection, Locating, Smoke Testing & Consulting for British Columbia & Alberta

CCTV Inspections (closed circuit television)

Northern Lites Technology Ltd. has experienced and certified camera technicians who inspect both main and lateral pipelines. All of CCTV surveys are digitally produced providing a fully integrated video with analyzed report for our clients. The Granite XP software that Northern Lites uses allows the client to locate structural defects, infiltration points, service connections or build-ups in the pipe with just couple clicks of a mouse.

The importance of a solid video inspection program for both municipalities and industrial sites is the ability to prevent collapses, sinkholes and back-ups, which reduces the impact to the environment. The clients can use this data to help with making long range budget forecasts for replacement, rehabilitation or maintenance.

Northern Lites Technology Ltd. can inspect lines for 50 mm to 1350 mm.


By attaching a sonde to our camera system we can accurately pinpoint its location and depth of bury by using the sonde’s receiver on the surface.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is an effective means of identifying inflow or groundwater that gets into sanitary sewer systems. It can pinpoint roof connections, basement drains, illegal taps and storm sewer cross-connections that are tied into a sanitary system. Reducing inflow and infiltration reduces costs of treating unwanted groundwater at the wastewater treatment plant.

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